UMEP Tutorials

To help users getting started with UMEP, the community is working on setting up tutorials and instructions for different parts of the UMEP tool. The following gives what are available and planned. To get the Password to access the data for the different tutorials.

Topic Parts of UMEP Name Application
Source Area Footprint Pre-Processor Footprint Interpretation of eddy covariance flux source areas
Urban energy balance Processor Introduction to SUEWS Energy, water and radiation fluxes
Urban energy balance Pre-Processor and Processor SUEWS Advanced Energy, water and radiation fluxes
Potential solar energy production on building envelopes Processor and Post-Processor SEBE Amount of solar energy received on building facets
Outdoor thermal comfort Pre-Processor and Processor Introduction to SOLWEIG Mean radiation temperature modelling in complex urban settings
Anthropogenic heat Processor GQF Anthropogenic heat modelling for the greater London area